Travel | Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Monday, 29 May 2017

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona is The Sagrada Familia which is the famous unfinished basilica that Gaudi designed but unfortunately, he died before the basilica was completed. To this day, it is not actually complete, work is still being done on it but it is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

I visited it last year when I was in Barcelona with my family and I thought that today I would share some of my pictures of the building, although they really don’t do justice to the inside. The camera couldn’t capture the beauty inside as the light through the stained glass windows was quite something else and was simply breathtaking. You can also get tours that take you up the towers but we chose not to do that as it is quite an expensive place to visit but I would definitely recommend it when going to Barcelona – although book your tickets online to avoid the long queues!

I took a lot more photos than this but unfortunately they just wouldn't come out right and didn't capture Sagrada Familia in the way it should be shown. It really is a place that you have to see to truly appreciate. 

Review | Perfect by Cecelia Ahern | Ad

Thursday, 6 April 2017

So today I’m doing a bit of a different post, I’m doing a book review of Cecelia Ahern’s new book which is the sequel to her amazing book ‘Flawed’ which was the bestselling YA debut of 2016! I’ve read ‘Flawed’ and it’s an absolutely incredible book so I’m very excited to be sharing the sequel ‘Perfect’ with you!

‘Flawed’ was Cecelia Ahern’s young adult debut and is set in a dystopian future where perfection is essential and flaws are severely punished by their skin being branded with an F in different places depending on their flaw. However, what if these ‘flaws’ are actually ethically and morally right such as white lies to spare peoples feelings?

It’s such a good book, I was absolutely hooked right until the very end and it really makes you consider the values and ethics of 21st century life. I would highly recommend it to any young adult who enjoys reading that kind of dystopian reality book which is why I was so excited to be sent the new book in the series!

‘Perfect’ continues on from ‘Flawed’ with the protagonist, Celestine North who has been branded Flawed and therefore had all her freedoms revoked. She has been declared the number one threat to the public and is on the run with the ‘complicated and powerfully attractive Carrick’. However she has a secret that could bring the entire Flawed/Perfect system to the ground and therefore the entire world that she knows. She is running out of time however and Celestine must make the choice between saving herself or risking her life to save everyone else who has also been branded as Flawed.

To celebrate the release of ‘Perfect’, Harper Collins, the publisher of the ‘Flawed’ series have made a game to find out whether you are perfect or flawed which consists of quiz questions. I took this quiz and found out that I was 20% Flawed with 4 brands! Although initially this seems bad, as the book makes you think about – would you rather be flawed or perfect? Cause I for one, definitely think I would rather be Flawed! You can take this quiz here for yourself and find out if you are more perfect or flawed and tell me which you would rather be!

This is such a good series and I would really recommend it, especially as summer is coming up and it’s the time to get your books for your holidays! You can buy the book here, available now!

Travel | Bunquers del Carmel, Barcelona

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Today I'm doing a post about one of the places we went in Barcelona! I found the Bunquers del Carmel on a post about Barcelona in the Girls Love Travel Facebook group which is one of my most favourite things in the world! 

The Bunquers are an amazing viewpoint up a hill in an area of the city that isn't too far from where we were staying, near Mount Tibidabo. It's a relatively steep climb but not too challenging at all and I think we went up a strange route as my family were convinced that I was making this place up but the views at the top are completely worth it! 

The bunquers were also used as anti air craft batteries in the Spanish Civil War to protect the city from bombings so a trip up to the Bunquers provides you with a beautiful viewpoint and a little bit of history! You can see all the cities viewpoints from the banquets including Sagrada Familia and best of all, it's all free! We went up in early evening and there were quite a few locals there with picnics but it was nowhere near as busy as other tourist viewpoint spots in Barcelona so I would definitely recommend it to get a panoramic view of the city!

Travel | How to Spend a Day in Las Vegas for Free!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Today I have a guest post on my blog from the lovely Fiona at Savvy in Somerset who is bringing us a post about travelling to Las Vegas where she has just come back from her honeymoon! She is sharing with us ways to holiday in Las Vegas and things to do that are super cheap or free!

A trip to Las Vegas can be as cheap or expensive as you want to make it. There is so much to see and do I think you could probably go a whole day without spending a single cent. You may want to spend a little on some food and drink but there is so much to do for free you wouldn’t need to spend much more to have fun. These were my favorite free things to do in Las Vegas based on our recent trip.

Walk the Strip

This may sound obvious but spend some time literally just walking the strip and taking everything in. Las Vegas is like nowhere else on earth and you'll want savor every minute. If you get tired why not stop and grab a bench for a spot of people watching. I particularly liked the LINQ Promenade for this.

Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace

If you think you can manage to avoid the pricey shops a wander around this area is a lovely way to kill some time. The Italian theming is fantastic and great for some picture opportunities, especially next to the replica fountains.

The Bellagio (not just for the fountains)

Everyone knows about the fountain show at the Bellagio as it's one of the most famous things in Las Vegas. But there are also some wonders to behold if you step inside the hotel too. Make sure you look up as you enter the foyer - the ceiling inside is covered in hundreds of huge glass flowers. There are the beautiful Botanical Gardens which change depending on the seasons and you can also find the world’s biggest chocolate fountain which is outside the Jean-Phillipe Patisserie.

Hershey's & M&Ms Shops

These two shops can be found towards the South of the Strip. The Hershey's shop is inside the New York, New York hotel. When we went, they were giving out free samples so definitely worth a look for freebie if you can resist buying anything.
The M&M shop is little further up the strip and on the opposite side of the road. There is more M&Ms merchandise than you could shake a stick at spread over four floors. You can meet and have photographs taken with the Red M&M as he does frequent free meet and greets throughout the day. There is also a short movie for the kids and an actual Racing Car on display.

Visit as Many hotels as possible

Make a list of all the hotels in Las Vegas and visit as many of them as you can. You can literally walk around every single hotel and many of them have things to offer besides casinos. We stayed at the Luxor on our trip and absolutely loved the Egyptian theming there. The whole hotel is shaped like a Pyramid and there is a huge Sphinx outside. My favorite hotel exterior is New York, New York without a doubt. Be sure to check out the Cosmopolitan for its insanely huge chandelier and Paris for the Eiffel Tower replica and Giant balloon.
There is also a free show outside of the Mirage hotel involving a Volcano which is worth seeing if you can fit it into your day.

Las Vegas Bingo

Why not keep things interesting by making your own game of Vegas Bingo? Try spotting various fancy dress characters up and down the strip (we saw Avengers, Minions, Pok√©mon, Minnie & Mickey Mouse) as well as famous Las Vegas land marks such as the High Roller, The statue of Liberty and Trump Tower.

Visit Downtown

While it may not be free to get to Downtown Las Vegas/Freemont Street (walking there is not advised) it has plenty to offer for free once you get there. You can visit the Golden Nugget which is Las Vegas's oldest casino, have your photo taken with a million dollars at Binions or just soak up the atmosphere under the world’s largest digital screen. In the evening, there is free live music and entertainment and you can watch people whizzing overhead on the Slotzilla Zipline.

We absolutely loved our recent trip to Las Vegas and can't wait to go back at some-point in the future.
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